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If nothing else, ice racing is a historic part of motorcycling in Michigan.  For over 50 years racers have challenged arctic like conditions, to race on frozen tracks of ice all over the state to test their specially prepared tires and skills. This history has made Michigan the epicenter of ice racing in North America.  The ice racing division offers a few styles to choose from in studded and non-studded classes. Due to the extreme traction studded tires offer, Studded Ice Racing offers spectators the highest speeds in all of motorcycle/ATV racing. Our racers come from all disciplines in the summer, be it MX, TT, FT, or Enduro In other states, racers park the machines in the barn for winter, in Michigan, we ice race every Sunday in January and February!

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Non-Studded Tires

Racers in non-studded classes run soft compound track tires over a tractionizing machine that perforates the tires to the point of a “carpet” like effect. This process gives the tire a much higher level of traction.

Studded Tires

KoldKutter Racing manufactures the preferred stud for D14 Ice Racers. The studs screwed into the tire with specific angle and placement. Every single stud has a specific place and angle.