NOTE: You must have a notarized consent from both parents if you’re under 18 years old 
and wish to participate.

NOTE: Combo class – 250cc & up, A riders, Pro-Am & Pro riders only, 16+YRS.

Exhibition classes - These Classes are offered this year without points, awards are at promoters’ discretion. In the event that the class has 5 riders at 50% of sanctioned events, year-end awards will be awarded. Must have three riders minimum at signup on race day or class will not run. This the vetting program to make new official classes. If you want your class to be successful, get riders for it to enter. This is a part of the riders’ responsibilities, to promote your sport.

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2017 District 14 Classes

Studded Solo Motorcycle 
M-1 0-51cc 4-8 yrs shaft DTX                                             
M-2 0-51cc 4-8 yrs 3 speed DTX                 
M-3 0-51cc 4-8 yrs chain
M-4 52-65cc 6-11 yrs 
M-5 66-85cc 7-15 yrs
M-6 86-200cc                      
M-7 201-250cc Open 12 + YRS
M-8 251-505cc “A”                                                          
M-9 251-505cc “B” 
M-10 125-505cc “C"
M-11 250cc up Open 16+ yrs
M-12 40 + yrs Open Senior 
M-13 Vintage Class Pre 1980

Rubber Solo Motorcycle
M-14 Open "A"  

M-15 Open "B"

Rubber Tire Sidecar
M-16 0-360cc
M-17 361-505cc
M-18 506cc up Open 
M-19 Hack Solo Open

Q-1 251-450cc Quad A Studded 16+ YRS                                
Q-2 251-450cc Quad B Studded 16+ YRS
Q-3 Veteran Quad Open 35 + YRS
Q-4 Open Studded Quad
Q-5 Rubber Tire Quad (two wheel drive) Open
Q-6 Mini Quad Studded 0-90cc 6-12 YRS
Q-7 90-250cc Studded Quad 12+

C-1 COMBO OPEN STUDDED QUAD