Ice Racing in D14 events can earn you awards in the form of trophies and plaques or cash/gift cards from local sponsors.  The fastest racers compete in all events to win the Champions Jacket.  The jacket is only awarded The High Points Champions from Each of the respective classes.

Location: Valley Trail Riders MC

Date: 02-14-2016

Times: 7-9-11

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2-5-2015 DISTRICT 14 Sanctioning Lansing
1-3-2016 White Lake CANCELED
1-10-2016 Owosso CANCELED
1-17-2016 Valley 
1-24-2016 Owosso
1-31-2016 Valley CANCELED
2-07-2016 Owosso CANCELED 
2-14-2016 Valley

2-20-2016 OWOSSO NIGHT RACE 2-4-6

2-27-2016 GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP  Cadillac
2-28-2016 GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP  Cadillac

4-23-2016 Awards Banquet

The upcoming 2016 Ice Race Season is shaping up to be one of the best on record for entries and sponsorship.  I look forward to seeing you all at the track and awards banquet.  


D14 Ice Racing is supported by more than 25 companies. They provide our racers with product and deep discount certificates to help them keep the competitive edge.  Our sponsors realize the dedication required of a champion ice racer. With our limited season, racers are required to perform their best 9-10 weekends in a row!  Once the Ice Season is over, there’s a short break, then back to the track. Our riders don’t have an off season, our sponsors get extra exposure and our riders can win championships in multiple disciplines increasing their stock to potential sponsors. So, if you’re a potential sponsor, remember that you will get representation for your contribution in all 4 seasons, so sponsor an Ice Racer.